Friday, August 12, 2011

The School Year is Starting

School starts in a week! Ugh where did the summer go. I'm trying to get myself into the spirit with a book display. I do love books. Our latest addition is the William and Mary Brickell: Founders of Miami & Fort Lauderdale.

By Beth Brickell - (2011)
Beyond the streets and buildings that now bear the name Brickell is the rich history of William and Mary Brickell who worked alongside Julia Tuttle and Henry Flagler to found Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood writer and director Beth Brickell has uncovered the history of this dynamic couple, from William's origins in Ohio to his adventures in the California and Australian gold rushes and marriage to Mary. This never-before-told story reveals both disappointment and triumph as these two pioneers clashed with Flagler and John D. Rockefeller during the robber baron days of the oil industry and finally tamed the wilderness of South Florida.

James Deering purchased the land for Vizcaya from Mary Brickell. My understanding is she had a vision and drove a hard bargain, but I haven't read the book yet it's 2 books down in my to read stack. Guess I will have to get with the school program and get busy reading.

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