Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vizcaya Cafe & Shop Artisan Series - Samuel Yellin

Our first installment of the Vizcaya Artisan Series,
Samuel Yellin Railing Jewelry.

Samuel Yellin
Samuel Yellin, was one of America's greatest artistic blacksmiths. At the height of his fame, The Samuel Yellin Firm, located in Philadelphia, was one of the largest European or American forges in history. His work, which was ultimately revered nationwide, was discovered and commissioned by Paul Chalfin before the height of Yellin's popularity. The renewed appreciation of handcrafted materials during the Arts and Crafts movement was instrumental in promoting Yellin's work, including commissions at the Federal Reserve Bank, the National Cathedral in DC, the residences of J P Morgan, and Yale and Northwestern Universities, among countless others.
Samuel Yellin is one of the only artists to have his work displayed both in the house and throughout the gardens.
Secret Garden Railing

This cuff is the first piece of jewelry in The Samuel Yellin Railing line based on the railing in the secret garden and orchid garden. Earrings and pendant to follow. Available online soon.
Samuel Yellin Railing Sterling Cuff


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