Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Margaret Leng Tan "The Art of the Toy Piano"

Here is what you have been waiting for. Margaret Leng Tan's "The Art of the Toy Piano" CD has arrived at the Vizcaya Museum Shop with plenty of time to enjoy before the Toy Piano Day.
Here is a taste 02 Eleanor Rigby Lennon_McCartney arr. Twining.mp3 (3983.4 KB)
My 16 year old daughter heard this liked it so much she wanted to know if she could get it on itunes! Now she and my 50 year old neighbor are arguing (in fun) over who gets Eleanor Rigby for their ring tone. Margaret's music on a toy piano is enchanting.

You can order your copy at http://www.vizcayamuseumshop.com/ for $19.95

Other notable reviews:
“I am very flattered that you have joined Schroeder as one of the great toy piano performers of all time.”
-Charles M. Schulz

“Margaret Leng Tan is a keyboard virtuoso like no other....she makes it [the toy piano] into an astonishing musical vehicle....with her customary flair she turned toys into art.”
- San Francisco Chronicle

...(The Art of the Toy Piano) “a disc that goes beyond mere novelty and into new realms.”
- Los Angeles Times

“...irony's smirk is transformed into wonder's grin the moment the sounds start shimmering from those tiny piano-shaped boxes....In an evening occurring in the flux between concert and performance art, Ms.Tan was as fun to watch as she was spellbinding to listen to. With her fluid gestures and practiced hand movements, her flawless technique, Ms.Tan conducted a celebration of silliness with mesmerizing precision. And what sublime silliness!”
- The Dallas Morning News

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